6:30am- 6:30pm Monday to Friday
fees & subsidies

Flexible hourly sessions available to assist with payments

(Sessions now available to all families)

12 Hour session (all day)

10 Hour session (you choose)

 9  Hour session (you Choose)


Fee structure

Daily: $ 107

Full-Time Care – weekly rates: $467

Kindergarten: Daily fees apply ( Term fee available)

Before School care     6:30am- 9:00am   $26

After School care       3:20pm- 6:30pm    $29

School holiday care   $80



The Child Care Subsidy

Am I eligible?

To be eligible, you will need to earn less than $351,248 in combined family income and be undertaking one or more of the following activities for at least 8 hours a fortnight: paid work (includes if you are currently on leave); self-employment; unpaid work in a family business; looking for work; volunteering; training; or studying. (There are exemptions for parents who cannot meet these activity requirements.)

How much will I receive?

How much subsidy you receive will depend on:

  • your family’s combined income – this gives you the percentage of the child care fees you will receive a subsidy for
  • the type of care your child is attending – the maximum subsidy you receive per hour depends on the type of care
  • the number of hours you are undertaking the activities outlined above – this tells you the number of hours you can claim the subsidy for

Your combined family income and the subsidy you will receive:

The maximum subsidy you receive per hour depends on the type of care your child attends

The number of hours you can claim the subsidy for depends on the number of hours you undertake one of the activities outlined above. If you have a partner, the number of hours goes according to the parent with the lowest hours of activity each fortnight.

What do I need to do?

Even if you are currently receiving the Child Care Benefit or Child Care Rebate, you will need to update your details through your Centrelink account on MyGov.

You will need to provide a combined family income estimate, the hours of recognised activity, and details about the type of care your child is in.

More information

The Department of Education has detailed information on the Child Care subsidy. Visit education.gov.au/childcare.

We also offer CentrePay This option provides for fees to be deducted from Centrelink payments on a weekly or fortnightly basis.