6:30am- 6:30pm Monday to Friday


It is the Philosophy of KIDS OWN EARLY CHILDHOOD LEARNING CENTRE that young children learn through play. (Learn best by doing)
we believe that children learn best through “hands on” approach and therefore provide a variety of stimulating experiences, some of which are child initiated and others that are teacher led that is some free and some directive.


By providing variety of opportunities we are teaching the children: how to learn, we allow them to learn at their own pace and in the ways that best suit them, we are helping them develop good habits and attitudes, we encourage them to have a positive self view which will make all the difference throughout their lives.
We aim to develop and enhance each child’s ability to:

  • Understand their world, encourage them to learn about music, language, movement, science and art;
  • Be confident, adequate and have a positive self esteem;
  • Be independent and respect others view;
  • Learn to operate as individuals and as part of a group, to share and take turns;
  • Observe and explore their environment;
  • Ask questions, explore possible outcomes and learn to problem solve as they occur;
  • Share their ideas and opinions with others;
  • Communicate well with others from diverse range of culture and background positively.

Play-based program will be provided which is designed to stimulate children’s love of learning, exploration and social concept.


  • Partnership between staff and families are developed and valued.
  • Family consultation will be encouraged and facilitated to review centre policies, practice and philosophy.
  • Children have the opportunity to develop partnerships across ages and spend time with their siblings.
  • Families and the community are encouraged to actively participate in the centres daily activities.
  • Families actively participate in their child’s learning.
  • Every child and their families will be treated as individuals.
  • Mutually respectful and trusting relationships between children and adults will be the aim of all interaction.


  • Staff aims to achieve excellence in their role as educators and nurturers, thereby earning the respect of children, families and other professionals within the community.
  • Children will not be discriminated against as recommended by the UN convention on the rights of the child.


  • The Kids Own community is defined as children, families and staff will facilitate and provide an opportunity for families to connect and feel part of their local Neighbourhood.
  • Raise money for local Neighbourhood groups and or global community each year.


Children’s inherent connection to the natural world and the outdoor environment will be encouraged and celebrated.