6:30am- 6:30pm Monday to Friday
I enrolled my child Joshua at Kids Own Early 2014.Joshua was 7 weeks then and I was looking for a centre which is welcoming with a happy feel.I visited the centre with my husband and instantly we felt at home. The centre is clean and fresh, programs are well planned and we were told that the centre has an open door policy and parents are encouraged to stay & spend time with their child. I have now enrolled my second child Elisa and just love the feeling of being home.

Paloma Louerns

I am a single parent and having the support of Kids Own helps me move forward in providing my Little one (Dennis) with all that I can. I have been to other centres and never  management in particular has been so involved with families.

It’s nice to know my opinions matter.

Jessica Breih

I had to go to work and had no choice but putting my daughter (Madison) in full time care.I had been looking for a while and not satisfied with the centres I visited, when I was told about Kids Own through a friend of a friend. I went in on the next day and seeing the centre and Talking with the coordinator, I decided to enrol. I have not looked back since.Sharron Goulten

My husband and two children moved here from Brisbane late 2015 and did not know about the centres in the area at all. When we were enrolling our older son at school we met a few parents who had children in care and they mentioned to us that Kids Own on Dorset rd, is one of the best in the area.

We visited Kids Own and met Emily the manager who Was happy to show us around and answer all our questions With no hurry. Her close and welcoming relationship with children and other parents made the decision for us. We have recommended a number of families since.

Jason & Annie Doroid.